1.       General.    Off late a need has been felt to streamline mechanism of Parents interaction with College / House Administration, besides planned PTMs (Parents Teachers Meetings) linked to Academics cum Discipline issues.

2.       There is no alternative to PTM, being a formal, pre-planned and effective forum to discuss cadets’ profile; ranging from academics to psycho-social developments, progress, adjustment issues and discipline (where applicable) particularly from the struggling cadets.  Nevertheless, limited turn out and general reluctance from most of the parents in reaching out to the Campus, aften defies the purpose of arranging PTMs.

3.       Parents Teacher Meetings (PTMs).      Scheduling PTMs are generally linked with Term Breaks aim at convenience to the visiting parents, before the vacations.

4.       Call ons.      Despite a/m elaborate arrangements, there are occasions, whereby parents still need or tend to reach out to the respective Faculty members, House administration or may be the Principal / Vice Principal / DOS or SHM and discuss issues other than routine, which needs to be coordinated.

5.       Guidelines.     Following guidelines shall help facilitating parents to visit College and address issues of concerns through advance preparations and availability: -

a.      Parents seeking interaction may furnish following details, well in advance: -

          (1)     Cadet’s details.

(2)     Purpose / Agenda with Specific issues to be discussed for advance preparations and availability of concerned staff with required input.

(3)     Tentative date; subject to availability and confirmation from the College, to avoid delays and un-necessary waiting for turns.

b.      Such meets can only be scheduled on SATURDAYS, so that academic activities are not disturbed during week days.

c.       Due to increased numbers of requests, the College Administration shall plan, coordinate and intimate exact dates for various classes and / or houses and parents subject to availability of Principal and concerned staff to avoid inconvenience to parents.

d.      Office timings shall be adhered to for interaction with concerned faculty / staff.

e.       Meeting and discussion of issues shall be followed through the chain, so that required input / views are addressed at each stage of processing.

f.        Record of issues, discussed, shall be maintained for subsequent follow up in the coming years.

g.      All such interactive sessions shall NOT be considered for meeting cadets with families or eat-outs, as these are planned separately for each class.

6.       Miscellaneous Aspects

a.      Mothers visiting the college must be accompanied by a male member (husband, elder son or uncle).

b.      Visitors move shall be restricted to Administration and Academic Blocks only and are not allowed to meet their children / ward during visit to College.

c.       Move of Parents visiting the campus is strictly forbidden under all circumstances to Cadets Houses, Mess, Mosque, Sherian Complex, Hospital, classrooms or Faculty accommodations.

d.      Visitor’s Card shall be issued by Security staff at the main gate and will be displayed by the parents / visitors.

e.       Ladies and old age parents shall be allowed personal cars till Staff Car Park (adjacent to Academic Blocks) only, subject to prior clearance with purpose of visit.

f.        Security staff will ensure, confirm and control moves, with no casual treatment or loose arrangements.

g.      Presentation of gifts or presents are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN under college rules.

j.        Security Officer should be informed well before time so that proper reception of the parents and their guidance up to academic / administration block should be ensured.