Entrance Test – Pattern of Papers & Syllabus


English– 50 Marks Duration 1 hour
Mathematics and General Science (Maths 70%, G Science 30%)– 50 combined 1 hour
Urdu and Islamiyat (Urdu 70%, Islamiyat 30%)– 50 Marks combined 1 hour

Pattern of Papers

Pattern of papers is flexible. However, questions are selected in accordance with the general standards laid down for various classes to allow equal opportunities to all the candidates taking exam from different parts of the country. The candidates for the first year shall be tested according to the syllabus of 10th class. An outline syllabus for the written test for 8th class is provided as a guideline.

Syllabus of English

Part A

Grammar part

  • All parts of speech
  • Do as directed
  • Pair of words
  • Active voice and passive voice
  • Direct and Indirect Narration
  • Correction of sentences

Part B

Creative writing part

  • Composition/ Story/Letter/ Application writing from a given outline.
  • Comprehension passages with questions
  • Words/idioms/expressions usage in sentences
  • Pair of words
  • Translation from English into Urdu or vice versa.

Syllabus of Mathematics

  • Set theory, union and intersection of sets, Difference of sets (complement of sets) and Venn Diagrams for Sets.
  • Sets of natural, whole, odd, even, prime and integers.
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of Numbers.
  • Highest common factor and least common multiple of Numbers and Algebraic expression.
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication of Algebraic Expression and division of Algebraic expression to simplest form (Both expression has something in common), Laws of exponents.
  • Real problems involving Square and Square root.
  • Ratio and proportion, direct and inverse proportion, problems on inheritance and partnership.
  • Percentage, partnership, commission, profit and loss.
  • Factorization of algebraic expressions.
  • Linear Equations and its solution. Real world problems involving Linear equations.
  • Adjacent, Complementary, Supplementary and Vertically opposite Angles.  Circle and semi circle.
  • Fundamentals of Geometry: Area of Circle, Surface Area of a cylinder and Volume of a Cylinder.
  • Practical geometry:  Construction of a triangle, rectangle, square, parallelogram.
  • Information Handling: Frequency and Frequency Distribution and Frequency Table.

Syllabus of General Science

  • Matter, element, compound, ion, atom, atomic number, mass number, isotopes, physical and chemical change, valiancy.
  • Human digestive system, human respiratory system, human transport system, reproduction in plants, asexual reproduction in plants and sexual reproduction in plants.
  • Light, Reflection of light, Laws of reflections, refractive index, colors of light, waves, its types and characteristics of waves, electric Circuit and its types, current and effect of an electric current, voltage, resistance, and  measuring instruments.  

Islamiyat  (English Medium)

  • Human rights, Ethics, Life of the Holy Prophet (SAW).
  • Pillars of Islam, Islamic Society, Patience and Tolerance.
  • Avoiding Prodigality and Avarice. Thrift/ Frugality.
  • Dignity of Labor, Lawful earning, Moderation.
  • Generosity, Equality, Prayers, Worships, Adoration.
  •  Character of the Holy Prophet (SAW).
  • Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Mecca and Madina.
  • Prophet’s (SAW) Migration to Madina.
  • Battles of Islam.
  • Truce of Hudaibia.
  • Conquest of Mecca.
  • Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajjat-ul-Wida).
  • Ten last Suras of the 30th Para of the Holy Quran, (with diacritical points and translation in Urdu and English).