Books Reading

Due to the prevalent pandemic of Covid-19, the educational institutions are closed, which effected badly the academic session throughout the country. Keeping in view the importance of reading for the intellectual development of students, it is inevitable to commence different activities of academic enhancement through reading. Regardless of Covid-19 challenge, this crisis provides an ample opportunity for reviving the culture of reading. Therefore, it is directed by the worthy Principal that all cadets may select 2x books in a month and write down its review. The specified area for the students’ selection of books is as under:

  1. English Fiction (Novels, short stories, prose)
  2. Science Fiction
  3. Biographies and autobiographies
  4. Geography, history, culture and travelogue of Pakistan.

This enterprise will help to engage students in reading books other than textbooks. In addition, it will also enhance their analytical skills by writing reviews of the books and inculcate among students the predilection of enhancing and improving reading skills.      

The following format shall be followed for writing reviews of the books.

a.         Book’s Title: _______________________ b. Author: ___________________________________

c.         Year of Publication: __________________d. Subject: ___________________________________

e.         Review: ____must not less than 2 pages of MS Word Document.

(To be sent to the Librarian)

Cadets will submit the reviews in the given timeline to the Librarian in MS Word document (FORM attached below) through the following online sources:

  2. WhatsApp No:03338245651

To avoid overcrowded shopping areas, best book are available through online sale. Following online bookstores are recommended:

Bookstore                                                                                           URL/Website Address

  1. Saeed Book Bank.                                             
  2. Fabingo                                                             
  3. Booksinn                                                            
  4. Reading Books                                                  
  5. Books Berry                                                      
  6. Liberty Books                                                    
  7. Paramount Books                                             
  8. Kitabian                                                             
  9. Linkshop                                                            
  10. Booknet                                                              

Newspapers Reading

Reading Newspapers are indispensible for equipping students with the know-how of understanding national and international issues. It also helps students to enhance proficiency of reading skills. Without reading Newspapers, it is impossible to promote the ‘declining culture of reading’. Therefore, reading of Newspapers will enhance the linguistic skills of reading, which will help students to read books of various subjects. It is mandatory for the students of KSKCCS to read different English Newspapers during the extended summer vacations. At the opening of the College, tests will be conducted in order to evaluate the reading comprehension of students through different parts of Newspapers.


  1. Knowing Newspaper objectives & Significance.        
  2. Knowing different parts of Newspaper i.e.

a.   Articles/Opinion: __________________________________________

b.   Editorial: _______________________________________________

c.   Reports: ________________________________________________

d.   Special Report: ___________________________________________

e.   Metropolitan: ___________________________________________

f.    International News: _______________________________________

g.   Sports, Economy: _________________________________________

h.   Showbiz/interval: _________________________________________

j.    Puzzle/Question: __________________________________________  

k.   etc.

Suggested Newspapers:

  1.  The News                                            
  2. Dawn                                                   

If any query contact Mr. Asadullah Jan, Librarian on Cell No. 0333-8245651