Respected Parents,
College will remain closed during Summer Vacations till 3 September 2022. Dispersal of classes is as under:
a. Class 8th on 14 June 2022 after paper at 1100 hrs
b. Class 9th on 15 June 2022 after paper at 1100 hrs.

College transport will be provided to the cadets as per their requirement after consultation with parents. Exact departure timings of cadets through college transport will be communicated to the parents by the cadets before departure.
College will reopen on 3rd September 2022 (Saturday). Cadets of all classes will report before 1600 hrs with proper hair cut. No Android mobile will be allowed inside the college if found, will be confiscated at main gate. Parents are requested to ensure a simple mobile (non andriod) with their children at the time of departure from home.