Summers in campus

Unusual circumstances due to COVID19.

School reopened by Govt to recover study losses, on parents requests.

Countrywide Heat wave caused Hazards & inconvenience.

 Hazards being minimized by:

• Indoor academics from 7 till 1130am.

• No exposure to heat between 1130 till 1800hrs.

• Academics comprising mix of lectures, tests and supervised studies. 

• Dress code changed to sports gear

• Zohar and Asar prayers inside Houses. 

• Mess menu as per Doctor’s advices.

• Daily Lassi, squash juices & fresh lime against dehydration

• Fruits, Milkshakes, Cold drinks n ice cream arranged with caution

• Daily schedule of swimming for all those permitted by parents

• Heavy generators purchased to ensure uninterrupted power supplies.

• Water supplies increased to afford minimum two times bath a day.

• Regular screening by Doctor and House Administration

Morning Assembly & Weekend movie shows in Auditorium arranged in groups, on alternate days.

 Inconvenience due to heat, includes: 

•  Warm weather effects

• Uneasiness due to current heat wave

 Personal motivation talk by the Principal, precautions and restrictions on unnecessary exposures. 

 Parents are requested to bear with these circumstances and help in College Curriculum to ensure the ends meet, with care and safety.

Closure of College or dispatch of cadets back home, shall be on Govt orders, please.

We look forward to cooperation by parents, in the best possible care and future of our cadets.