Lt Col Tahir Najeeb Raja (Retd)

Lt Col Tahir Najeeb Raja (Retd) enjoys a meritorious three decades experience searing supreme leadership qualities and prestigious academic legacy. An exemplary team leader reputed for radiating motivation and infusing conviction in his team creating benchmarks and footprints in every assignment. Being extremely passionate and highly optimistic about youth, he has sharply focused his academic knowledge and leadership skills to optimize national youth potentials to their best. A religiously motivated person who practices what he preaches becoming a role model for his team to emulate.

In educational arena he enjoys a Masters degree in Business Administration (HRM) and Islamic Studies besides a vast spectrum of professional courses and certifications in Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Auditing and Organizational / Pedagogical Development. Besides acquisition of such educational acumen from reputed institutions like LUMS, NUST and NUML, he has been a well sought faculty member by institutions and students alike. An excellent communicator who enjoys transferring knowledge and hence carries a number of professional trainings and seminars to his credit.

He is a well known alumnus of Cadet College Kohat who has always remained in intimate contact with his mothering institution. He has always been an active member of Kohatian Association rendering valuable contributions. Being honored as General Secretary of the Association is a testimony to this effect. He has experienced cadet life through his entire adolescence and youth and has since remained intimately engaged with cadet life thereafter. He therefore takes his current assignment as a passionate emotional obligation and an opportunity to create benchmarks in youth development and cadet college management.



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Press Release

4th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation
Contest 2017 Karnal Sher Khan
Cadet College, Swabi (KSKCCS)

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World Space Week 2017 - Competition

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Teachers' Training Session 2017

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B.I.S.E Mardan SSC result 2017
has been announced

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Ex-Sherians Proved Their Mettle in Professional Life (Pak Navy)

Although Capt Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed (NH) Cadet College Swabi is passing through an embryonic stage, yet it has touched the zenith and got fame in a short span of five years. It is a matter of honor that Capt Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed (NH) Cadet College Swabi stands at number four position in the academic hierarchy of all cadet colleges of Pakistan.
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Interview Schedule 6th Entry-Class VIII
Final Selection will be Intimated after interview / Medical
Interviews will be held at Karnal sher khan Cadet College, Ismaila (Swabi) as per the following schedule