SOP - Medical Attendance for Cadets

General.The College has a Medical Officer (MO) and Para medical staff. Their main duty is to treat the sick cadets / authorized staff members and provide emergency first aid / outdoor treatment to the cadets and College employees.

Procedure of Reporting Sick-Cadets. Following are the guidelines to proceed the sick report to the hospital.

All HMs will ensure that authorized Sick Report Book is available in each House.

Any cadet reporting sick, in routine reporting sick, time will endorse his name in sick report book, which will be signed by respective HM.

If a cadet reports sick during routine reporting sick time with unauthorized sick report book or if his authorized sick report book is not signed by the HM, he will not be entertained in the hospital.

All cadets reporting sick will assemble in front of drill staff room, the drill staff will make their squad and from there they will move to the hospital under the supervision of the senior most cadet.

A sick reporting slip duly signed by the Housemaster will be submitted to the MO for his diagnosis and remarks as under: -

f.Attend ‘A’.Medicine and full duty.

g.Attend ‘B’.Medicine and excused phy work. All those given Attend B will have to attend fall-in in proper uniform, as per dress code. Those missing from fall-in with Attend B or not in proper uniform will be considered as ABSENT.

h.Attend ‘C’.All those with Attend C (CEE) will have to attend classes and must ensure their presence in fall-in.

i.Attend ‘C’ and Complete Bed Rest. They have excuse like SIQ (Stay in Quarters) and they are house bound. House baba fetches their meal to house. However, during classes, movie show and any other prolonged absence of cadets from houses, all those on ATTEND ‘C’ will be detained in College Hospital and not in the houses.

j.Excused Shoes.In case of foot injury will however, wear complete uniform or as ordered.

k.Excused Uniform.In case of skin related diseases will wear Walking out dress, instead of uniform.

l.M & D. Cadet concerned is medically fit and is malingering.

Timings.Cadet (s) reporting sick will visit MO in the morning and evening during their PT and Games time. Senior cadet of each House and / or House Baba will be responsible for move to and from the Hospital of sick cadet(s) and the Sick Report Book.

Emergency Cases. Emergency Sick Report during classes will be signed by the class teacher, HM and DOS respectively. Emergency Sick Report Slip shall be available in the DOS Office to be used during classes only. In case of real emergency requiring immediate action the patient will be directly evacuated to the College Hosp without slip but with prior intimation to HM or DOS. In case MO is not available, the emergency case will be taken to the nearest medical facility in the area, CMH/MMC Mardan by the quickest means available.

Hospitalization.Cadets with severe illnesses will be admitted in the College Hospital. Cadets admitted to the College Hospital will be attended to twenty four hours of observation by the College Medical Staff and for further treatment. One attendant will be on duty in the hospital at all times.

Meals. Patients will be served meals in the College Hospital by the Mess Staff. Senior Nursing NCO will coordinate it with the Mess Staff and House Baba.

Special Diet. Special diet, when ordered by the MO will be arranged by the Mess. MO / Senior Nursing NCO will coordinate.

Special Treatment / Referrals. Cadets requiring further investigations and Specialist treatment will be referred to CMH Mardan / MMC Mardan or other hospitals according to the requirement with following guidelines:-

MO shall have the schedule of Specialists at CMH Mardan displayed on the Notice Board of the Hospital for reference.

Cadets who want treatment from Doctors / Hospitals other than Mardan will go to the concerned Doctors / Hospitals during their leaves and weekend.

No request from a Cadet or his parent shall be entertained to refer him or their son to the hospital of their own choice. Advice of College SMO shall be upheld according to the rules and regulations of the college. However, if Senior Medical Officer considers someone to be referred to the hospital other than CMH Mardan and MMC Mardan, he will only be referred to the other hospital in exceptional cases and with prior approval from the Principal / VP and prior intimation to the parents.

Sick Leave.Sick leave shall only be recommended by SMO or Specialist from CMH/ MMC Mardan and shall be processed to the principal through the chain, with required input from all concerned for appropriate decisions.

Daily Hospital Return. The MO will forward a Daily Hospital return of indoor and outdoor cases to the Principal through the Adjt at 0900 hours as per Anx-A attached.

Evacuation of Sick / Injured.MO in conjunction with Adjutant will ensure that in case of emergency patients are evacuated to the nearest medical facility / CMH Mardan ASP. MO will ensure that ambulance or a vehicle designated as ambulance with its driver is available at the College Hospital. Evacuation of patient will not be delayed for want of formal permission etc. However VP/Principal must be informed as soon as possible. MO will display a list of important contact Nos for emergency on the ‘Notice Board’ in the Hosp for ready reference by all concerned. He will ensure that petty cash of Rs 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only) is always available at the Hosp, to cater for any unforeseen.

Specialized Ambulance. Available sources in the College immediate proximity shall be explored for quality ambulance, to be hired, in case extreme emergencies or multiple requirements. Contact list shall be available in the SMO Office, displayed permanently.

Health Record.The MO will maintain a health record of every cadet from the date of his medical examination at the time of interview till he leaves the College. Health Record will contain the following: -

Height and weight.

Results of Medical Check Up / Tests Reports as asked in the joining instructions.

Hospital Admissions.

Inoculation and Vaccination.

Allergy if any and special care warranted.

Other Documents. In addition to the Health Record, the MO will maintain the following: -

Hospital Admission Register.

Outdoor Patients Register.

Indoor Patients Register.

Medical Stores / Equipment Inventory.

Medicine Record Register.

15.Important Information. The SMO will acquire, update, display and share with all notice boards, important contacts, of specialists, ambulance, medical facilities in the proximity (Swabi, Shewa Adda, Mardan) and at Peshawar and Rawalpindi for its easy accessibility to all.