Qasim House

House Motto:- "Never Give In"

This House has been named after the great Muslim ruler “Muhammad Bin Qasim”. Ninety-six Cadets can be accommodated in this hostel at a time. There are 05 x single bed rooms, 17 x three bed rooms and 08 x five bed rooms. The house also has a big TV hall and a big Indoor games hall.


HOUSEMASTER Mr. Ashjar(Lecturer in English)
ASSISTANT HOUSE MASTER Mr. Subhanullah (Lecturer in Bio)
HOUSE COMMANDER Cadet Muhammad Abdullah (Kit Number 809)
DY HOUSE COMMANDER Cadet Tanzeel -ur-Rahman (Kit Number 879)
WING COMMANDER Cadet Muhammad Anees (Kit Number 890)
SPORTS SEARGENT Cadet Samiullah (Kit Number 889)