1.Reporting Sick

a.Permitted at prescribed time only, unless emergency.

b.Emergencies include

(1)Injuries and bleeding.


(3)Severe temperatures.

(4)UNUSUAL attacks / symptoms.

c.Report sick is allowed after signatures by HM (in houses) Adjt (Sports times), OIC Class (during academic hours) and HC, after lights off times only.

d.Reporting sick cadet shall visit the Hospital alone, unless if he is required to be picked up or …………...

e.Accompanying cadets, with patient, if unavoidable, will NOT enter Hospital Building.

2.Visiting Patients

a.No cadet is permitted to visit hospitalized cadets, regardless of kinship or affiliation.

b.Dressing, toiletries, books and other provisions shall be arranged by HMs through House Bearers only.

3.Hospital Visit – DOs

a.Properly dressed up.

b.Adhere to timings.

c.Follow College Policy Rules and timings.

d.Visit only if unavoidable.

e.Respect Hospital environment.

f.Be courteous to Hospital staff.

g.Be polite and carrying for admitted colleagues.

h.Live healthy life through fitness and diet plan.

i.Abide by Doctors’ advice and instructions.


a.Violate the instructions.

b.Waste primitive of studies, sports and other College activities.

c.Relay ouch on medication, unless unavoidable.

d.Improperly or shabby dressed up.

e.Waste medicine issued for recovery.