iqbal house

House Motto:- "We Never Quit"

This House has been named after the great national poet "The poet of the East" Allama Muhammad Iqbal.Ninety-six Cadets can be accommodated in this hostel at a time. There are 05 x single bedrooms,17 x three bedrooms and 08 x five bedrooms. The house also has a big TV hall and a big Indoor games hall.


HOUSEMASTER Mr Tariq Khan (Lecturer)
ASSISTANT HOUSE MASTER Mr. Shakir Ullah (Lecturer in English)
HOUSE COMMANDER Cadet Asif Iqbal (Kit Number 827)
DY HOUSE COMMANDER Cadet Muhammad Talha (Kit Number 892)
WING COMMANDER Cadet Essa Mujahid (Kit Number 814)
SPORTS SEARGENT Cadet Hamza Iqbal (Kit Number 852)