In view of the deteriorating standards of Wishing and Saluting by Cadets, following instructions are hereby conveyed for strict compliance: -

a.Cadets must learn and exhibit wishing and Salam to elders and seniors, irrespective of time and venue.

b.Established norms to comply with include: -

(1)Assalam o Alikum Sir-Faculty and Staff

(2)Assalam o Alaikum Staff-Drill / PTI, Mess NCO & Security Guards

(3)Assalam o Alaikum Bhaijan-Senior Cadets

(4)Assalam o Alaikum Chacha-House Bearers and Mess, Staff, whenever meet or interact or start any conversation.


(1)While moving in fall in, only appointment holder or Snr Cadet with the squad will salute and wish.

(2)While handing over parade state concerned Cadet will salute and wish to Principal, Vice Principal, Adjutant, SO, SHM or any faculty member.

(3)In case of single or buddy pair cadet will wish everyone passing by.

(4)Cadet will not salute to staff; only check will be pressed with Salam.